CSOs Should Be Self Reliant – Wagacha

Njambi-Wagacha-I4C-CSOsRegional Programme Coordinator for I4C Hub Afrique, Njambi Wagacha has underscored the need for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to gain strong momentum in order to achieve self-reliance.

Wagacha made this known at the just concluded three-day conference on a Shared Learning Convening on Alternative Funding Models for Civil Society Organisations which was organized by the West Africa Civil Society Initiative (WACSI) in collaboration with the Initiative for Change group.

Wagacha believes CSOs need to be self-reliant because priorities keep changing and CSOs are given less credence. She stressed that CSOs are very relevant in national development and therefore, there must be enough funding to sustain their works.

“Because donors’ interests keep shifting, it is high time CSOs got fortified legitimately to ensure that they are self-reliant. A time is approaching when there will be no funds from external sources to sustain CSOs,” she explained.

Also speaking at the conference, the Head of Capacity Development Unit at WACSI, Charles Kojo Vandyck noted that the move to Sustain CSOs must be a collective responsibility rather than individual interest

“Our pursuit for resilience and sustainability should not be driven solely by our need to survive rather by the causes we pursue the benefits of our communities,” Mr Vandyck said.

Participants at the three days conference shared their ideas and perspectives on how to create a space for CSOs to learn and inculcate various fund mobilization techniques through non-traditional approaches.

The conference also afforded participants avenues for CSOs to build capacity and broaden their horizon in ensuring financial sustainability and alternative funding mechanisms.

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